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New England Equitation Championships

Sep 19

Official NEEC Swag

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Creative Touch Designs, LLC is the Official Monogram Company for this year’s New England Equitation Championships!

Make sure to pre-order your NEEC swag ~ Jackets, Sweatshirts, Vests, Baseball Cap, Tote bags, Backpacks, etc. and easily pick your order up when you arrive at the show.

Items must be ordered by September 30, 2021

Sep 02

Horsemanship Practice Questions

By neec | Horsemanship

1)       If FEI approved safety cups are not available for oxers in the schooling area at a competition, what may be used instead?

a.       Oxers may not be set without the correct safety cups

b.       Flat cups

c.        Standard cups

d.       Cups with breakable pins

2)       What type of bandage would be used to stabilize the knee or hock following an injury?

a.       Figure 8 Bandage

b.       Shipping Bandage

c.        Stable Bandage

d.       No-Bow Wrap

3)       What is a normal temperature range in degrees Fahrenheit for a horse?

a.       96 – 97

c.        99 – 101

b.       97 – 99  

d.       100 – 102 

4)       What type of wound is a tear with jagged edges that may require stitches?

a.       Laceration

b.       Abrasion

c.        Puncture

d.       Contusion

5)       Which of the following is a sign that a horse may be colicing?

a.       Rolling

b.       Kicking or biting at the belly

c.        Pale gums

d.       All of the above

6)       Joint injections are commonly used to:

a.       Reduce inflammation in the joint

b.       Permanently replace the synovial fluid

c.        Repair cartilage

d.       Flush the joint following injury

7)       Which number in the above diagram corresponds to the navicular bone?

a.       1

b.       2

c.        3

d.       4

8)       During collection, a horse’s balance shifts which direction?

a.       To the rear

b.       To the forehand

c.        To the outside of the bend

d.       To the inside foreleg

9)       At what distance should a trot-in one-stride be set in a gymnastic for a horse?

a.       14 feet

b.       18 feet

c.        22 feet

d.       26 feet

10)    True or False – Square oxers are allowed in the hunters.

Aug 16

UPDATE to NEEC Qualifying Classes

By neec | News & Updates


Qualifying NEEC medal classes will only require a minimum of 3 riders to fill.

Combined medal classes will follow USEF rule EQ102.10.

If juniors and adults are combined the same horse can only be ridden once in the class.

Aug 05

The Mason Phelps “Spirit of the Sport” Grant

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The Mason Phelps “Spirit of the Sport” Grant

Presented by The New England Equitation Committee and The National Horse Show


Mason Phelps (1948-2021) was involved in our sport in every way possible: from groom to Olympian to governing leader and more. He launched dozens of ingenious events that raised money and interest in Equestrian sports over his career including the AA rated Christmas show in San Antonio, the American Jumping Derby (later the International Jumping Derby), the New England Hunt Seat Medal (in 1977), and numerous inventive classes in the early days of WEF. Phelps served and left his mark on numerous boards and committees including the AHSA (now the USEF), USET, Show Jumping Hall of Fame, NEHC, RIHA, The National Horse Show, and as a show judge and trainer. Phelps was an integral part of the creation of the Equestrian Aid Foundation and served at the Athletes Equity Resource Center. His “Denim and Diamonds” gala was the event of the season for many years at WEF and raised millions for the sport. Friends joked he could exceed an unlimited budget!  He also gave a lot of his own money to equestrian causes without a lot of recognition.

 In his early days at the Aquidneck Island Pony Club, every Saturday Phelps taught numerous children how to ride, muck, and groom for free.  Phelps loved people who loved our sport, and it is said he propped up and pushed forward many of his fellow horsemen.

In 2001, after retiring from riding and teaching, Phelps launched Phelps Media Group which despite his lack of experience in PR became “America’s most progressive and successful Equestrian PR firm.”

A longtime president of the NHS, Phelps was instrumental in The National Horse Show finding its “forever home” at the Kentucky Horse Park and served on the board until recently. He created the New England Hunt Seat Medal class as a stepping-stone for riders to make it through Regionals and on to The National Horse Show. It was important to him that financials should not prevent a qualified rider from attending a National Final.


The grant will be awarded to the Junior Rider whose essay is voted among the top three by the Grant Committee (announced on Friday night at NEEC), achieves the highest first round NEEC score among the Grant finalists, and has qualified to compete at the NHS 3’3” Medal or Maclay finals at The National Horse Show and will be attending. Applications must be received by October 1. Past winners may not reapply.

The winner will be awarded complementary stall, entries,  and entry blank fees  at both the New England Equitation Championships and The National Horse Show plus a stipend from each organization.



    Phone of Trainer:

    Essay – Part 1: Mason Phelps was known for his tenacious and generous spirit in accomplishing a variety of activities aimed at the greater good of Equestrian Sports. How has the generosity of others affected your experience of the sport? (250 words or less). (required):

    Essay – Part 2: Explain the basis or your need for financial assistance to attend NEEC and NHS Finals and what it would mean to you. (250 words or less). (required):

    Apr 06

    2021 NEHC Junior Medal Qualifying Specifications

    By neec | News & Updates

    The New England Equitation Committee has extended last year’s change in qualifying specifications for the NEHC Junior Medal through the 2021 show season. Junior riders can now qualify for NEEC Finals in the following ways:

    10 Points qualifies as a win.
    1st place equals 10 points
    2nd place equals 5 points

    So 2 second places qualifies you for the finals. Once you have qualified, you are no longer eligible to compete in that seat for that year of Medal qualifying classes.

    Mar 24

    2021 NEEC Horsemanship Preparation

    By neec | Horsemanship

    The horsemanship questions will be back for the 2021 season! These questions are provided by the NEEC Committee to help junior riders study and prepare for the horsemanship exam at this year’s New England Finals. The questions and answers will remain on the website for a month and a new set of questions and answers will then go up. These questions will not necessarily all be on the 2021 test, but are a combination of questions that have been on past years’ tests and could show up again on this year’s test. Some of the questions/topics posted here on the site are taken from the USHJA Horsemanship Study Guide and the United States Pony Club Manual, which are both excellent study resources. Make sure to check back each month and start your studying! Good luck!

    Mar 03

    Fred Hunt Adult Grant

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    The Fred Hunt Adult Grant 2021

    Sponsored by The New England Equitation Committee

    APPLICATION DEADLINE – September 1, 2021

    Fred Hunt was a member of the New England Equitation Committee for over 40 years. He was a very well respected horseman and judge in the Hunter/Jumper/Equitation community. He trained many horses and students to regional and National Championships. He will be remembered for his fierce friendship and quiet wit. To Commemorate his dedication to the NE horse world The NEEC is sponsoring an Adult Grant of $1,000. This grant will go to a qualified NE Adult Medal rider who demonstrates a financial need in order to participate in the NEHC Championships.


    • This grant would provide financial assistance to one NEHC Adult Medal qualifier. A.) For entries and one stall. B.) A stipend to cover horse transportation and other related expenses to compete in the NEHC Championships
    • Riders who are qualified to compete in the NEHC Championships must apply by September 1.
    • After thorough review, the Adult Grant Committee will award a rider based upon the required essay.
    • Riders who receive the grant cannot apply in future years. However, if the rider wins as a Junior they may still apply as an adult.



      Phone of Trainer:

      Essay – Part 1: State why the New England Equitation Championships is important to you. (250 words or less). (required):

      Essay – Part 2: Provide a description of your basis for financial need. (250 words or less). (required):

      Mar 03

      2021 New England Equitation Championships

      By neec | News & Updates

      2021: We will be back at the Big E this fall and are excited to be hosting the USHJA Medal Finals for a second year!

      New this year: The New England Equitation Championships will be offering an NEEC Adult Grant in memory of Fred Hunt. Please see forms/awards for details and application.

      Stay tuned for more exciting news about this year’s finals and sponsorship opportunities!

      – NEEC Committee

      Aug 08

      USHJA 3’3″ Medal Specifications

      By neec | News & Updates

      Open to Junior Active Members of the USEF and USHJA. Foreign residents who are also members of USEF and USHJA will be eligible to compete. Eligible riders are those who have not ever competed in any of the following National Equitation Finals with fences at 3’6”: ASPCA Maclay Finals, USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals, USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals (East or West), WIHS Equitation Classic Finals, Jump Canada Medal Finals or the North American Equitation Championship. Once a rider has won the USHJA 3’3” Hunter Seat Medal Finals, she/he is not eligible to compete again.

      To be shown over a course of no less than eight obstacles with fence heights of 3’3” and spreads to 3’6” (exception: triple bar obstacles may have a maximum spread of 4’). One third of the obstacles must be oxers. Courses must include at least two changes of direction after the first obstacle. All courses must include at least three of the following: bending line, narrow jump (5’6”-8’), roll back turn, fence at the end of the ring, long approach to a single jump. Liverpools, water jumps or water used as decoration are prohibited.

      A minimum of 25 riders (if available) will return for a second round of the event. More riders may be asked to return at the judge’s discretion. Two or more tests of a minimum of the top four competitors are required using USEF tests 1-17 H. Fences are required to be numbered.

      Click here for specifications for the finals.

      Sep 10

      Scholarship Application

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      Please submit scholarship applications by October 1, 2021.

        Your Name (required)

        Your Email (required)

        Your Phone (required)

        Junior or Adult (required)

        Date of Birth (required)

        Name of Trainer (required)

        Trainer Address (required)

        Trainer Email (required)

        Trainer Phone (required)

        Name of School Attending Now (required)

        Address of School Attending Now (required)

        Date of Graduation From High School (required)

        Name of College/School You Will Be/Are Attending (required)

        Address of College/School You Will Be/Are Attending (required)

        Date of Entrance to Above College/School (required)

        Date of Show Qualified for NEEC Finals (required)

        Name of Show that You Qualified for NEEC Finals (required)

        Question 1: Tell us about your career goals. What plans are you making for continuing your education beyond the high school level and what is your time schedule for doing so? (i.e. college, business school, vocational school, etc.) (required):

        Question 2: We are well aware of the demands on your “time” required by the
        care, training and showing of your horse. Have you been able to
        participate in other sports or extra-curricular activities at school,
        church or in your community? Are you gainfully employed anywhere?
        Perhaps you work at the barn to help pay for lessons, board and
        show expenses. Please tell us your story. (required):

        Question 3: Describe a situation in which you exercised leadership, responsibility and/or judgement indicating its impact on your personal development (required).

        Question 4: This scholarship may partially be based on need. Please write a paragraph about how the scholarship money would be helpful to you and your family (required).