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Apr 09

2018 Horsemanship Questions

By neec | Horsemanship

The horsemanship questions are back by popular demand! These questions are provided by the NEEC Committee to help junior riders study and prepare for the horsemanship exam at this year’s New England Finals. The questions and answers will remain on the website for a month and a new set of questions and answers will then go up. Some of the questions/topics posted here on the site are taken from the USHJA Horsemanship Study Guide, which is another excellent study source.

Jan 25

2018 Horsemanship Preparation

By admin | Horsemanship

We are excited to announce that this year we will be helping all the junior riders¬†prepare for the horsemanship test by providing 5 practice questions each month leading up to the finals. These questions will not necessarily all be on the 2018 test, but are a combination of questions that have been on past years’ tests and could show up again on this year’s test. Each month we will list 5 questions and the following month we will provide the answers.The questions and answers will remain posted on our website for 2 months and then will be taken down. So make sure to check back each month and start your studying! Good luck!