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Apr 20

Horsemanship Questions Round 2

By neec | Horsemanship

Typically the horsemanship test includes diagrams of the bone and soft tissue structures in the lower leg and a hoof diagram.  Below is a diagram to label as well as some sample questions that might be asked about the structures.  The diagrams and questions are intended to show you the types of questions that might be asked and encourage learning about other injuries and diseases that may affect your horse and how they would be attended to or treated.

1. What does it mean if a horse “pulls a suspensory”? 

2. What is a club foot and what surgery is used to treat it?

3. What is a bandage bow?

Mar 19

Horsemanship Questions Round 1

By neec | Horsemanship

1.       What is a typical healthy temperature range for a horse?

  • 99 – 101 Deg F.

2.       What would an elevated digital pulse indicate?

  • An issue in the foot such as founder, stone bruise, or abscess.

3.       How would you “sweat” a leg?

  • Using a thin layer of Fura-Zone, Fura-Zone with DMSO, or similar ointment, apply a thin layer on the leg and wrap in cling film.  Apply a standing wrap over the cling film.

4.       What is the height limit of a “small” junior hunter?

  • A small hunter is not to exceed 16 hands.

5.       What is commonly added to the horse shoe during the winter months to give a horse traction on frozen ground?

  • Borium metal.
Jan 25

2020 Horsemanship Preparation

By neec | Horsemanship

The horsemanship questions will be back for the 2020 season! These questions are provided by the NEEC Committee to help junior riders study and prepare for the horsemanship exam at this year’s New England Finals. The questions and answers will remain on the website for a month and a new set of questions and answers will then go up. These questions will not necessarily all be on the 2020 test, but are a combination of questions that have been on past years’ tests and could show up again on this year’s test. Some of the questions/topics posted here on the site are taken from the USHJA Horsemanship Study Guide and the United States Pony Club Manual, which are both excellent study resources. Make sure to check back each month and start your studying! Good luck!