April Answers

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May 01

1.) Name 4 martingales.

  • Standing, Running, Bib, Irish

2.) Name some reasons you would bandage a horse.

  • Stable, Shipping, Exercise, Treatment

3.) What is white line disease?

  • The white line is the junction between the hoof wall and the sole on the bottom of the horse’s hoof. White Line Disease is a widening of the white line, or a separation of the hoof wall from the sole. This separation is then invaded by bacteria and fungi, leading to infection that progresses up towards the coronary band which produces a white or gray powdery material.

4.) What is a counter canter?

  • When a horse canters on the false lead for his direction of travel. It is used to increase suppleness, teach straightness and is a precursor to teaching the flying change. The counter canter is performed with diagonal aids.

5.) Name some common poisonous plants.

  • Arrowgrass • Bracken Fern • Buttercups • Clover (sweet, red, alsike) • Cocklebur • Fescue (tall and chewings) • Foxgloves • Goldenrod • Hydrangea • Lantana • Larkspur • Lupine • Milkweed • Pigweed • St. Johnswort (goatweed) • Trees (apple, black locust, black walnut, cherry, oak, peach, red maple) • Wild onions • Yew

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