Horsemanship Questions Round 1

By neec | Horsemanship

Mar 19

1.       What is a typical healthy temperature range for a horse?

  • 99 – 101 Deg F.

2.       What would an elevated digital pulse indicate?

  • An issue in the foot such as founder, stone bruise, or abscess.

3.       How would you “sweat” a leg?

  • Using a thin layer of Fura-Zone, Fura-Zone with DMSO, or similar ointment, apply a thin layer on the leg and wrap in cling film.  Apply a standing wrap over the cling film.

4.       What is the height limit of a “small” junior hunter?

  • A small hunter is not to exceed 16 hands.

5.       What is commonly added to the horse shoe during the winter months to give a horse traction on frozen ground?

  • Borium metal.

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