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Jun 14

1.) What is a common use for ivermectin?

  • De-worming

2.) What is the purpose of a bar shoe?

  • Constructed to strategically alter the pressure on a particular area of the foot. Bar shoes are so named because a solid bar connects the branches to each other. Egg bars may be used to help with heel soreness.

3.) Why does your horse receive a West Nile Vaccine?

  • West Nile infects the central nervous system of animals and people. West Nile virus is the leading cause of arbovirus encephalitis in horses and humans. It is transmitted through infected mosquitoes.

4.) What are the natural aids?

  • Legs, weight/seat, hands, voice.

5.) What is a splint?

  • Hard, visible bumps that are generally located along the inside of the cannon bone. The splint bones are attached to the cannon bone by a small ligament and add structural strength to the cannon bones. Splints may be caused by injury, creating inflammation or tearing of the interosseous ligament joining the splint bone to the cannon bone.

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