Juniors In Their Last Year


Each year New England Equitation Championships pays a special tribute to those riders who are in their last year of competition as Junior riders in a variety of ways.

NEEC’s special Junior Celebration will be held on Friday evening, October 16th at the Sheraton Hotel where over 500 friends, family members and guests will gather to salute our graduating Juniors.

This much anticipated ticketed event begins with cocktails and dinner will feature a video presentation filled with images of our graduating Junior riders as they’ve grown through the years. NEEC will also present a commemorative picture frame to each graduating Junior during the evening’s festivities.

In addition to the Friday evening Celebration, the Official Annual NEEC Show Program ​also salutes these special young riders! This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to congratulate their junior rider on their success, thank those who have helped their son or daughter achieve this important milestone, or send a message of love and good wishes for the future!

The 2019 NEEC Ad Template will help you design the ad for your Junior In Their Last Year in the annual show program.

Set up your appointment with Cookie Desimone for a video via cookieandfrank@aol.com


(this is a ticketed event)

New England Equitation Championships pays a special tribute each year to riders in their last year of competition as Juniors.

This year's celebration will take place at the Sheraton, Friday October 16th at 5:30pm.​


The video, featured at the Friday evening celebration, is a compilation of photos which showcase the evolution of each of our graduating Junior riders.

It’s a treasure trove of memories for all to share, and we need your photos to make it happen.


If you are a junior in your last year, please make sure your name is on this list.