List Of Juniors In Their Last Year


The list below may be used to nominate a Junior in their last year for the NEEC Junior Sportsmanship Award.

If your name is not on this list and should be, or your name is on this list and should not be, please contact Jennifer Burke at

A - F

Ally Archer 

Gabrielle Alecia

Ally Archer

Margaret Astley

Caroline Bald

Isabel Breakey

Abigail Carlson

Zoe Cass

Kate Coffey

Alessandra Dipietro

Hanna Doherty

Lilly Earley

Laurel Flaherty

Casey Flanigan 

Lily Foregger

G - M

Laurel Gaddis

Emily Gilbert

Torei Gudaitis

Klee Hellerman

Chris Joyce

Lili Kaissar

Talyah Lambert

McKayla Langmeier

Tess Lehihan

Libby Lestage

Isabel Levy

Mary Mazzarella

Frances McGivern

Susanne McGrady

Rebecca Morris

Clara Mugnai​

Kimberly Mulholland

N - Z

Nicole Pietro

Tessa Queirolo

Ada Rohan 

Nina Rotondo

Isabella Russekoff

Randi Stark

Katrina Tiktinsky

Melissa Vogellus

Grace Webster

Sarah Whitaker

Madison White