Scholarship Application

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Sep 10

Phone of Trainer:

Question 1: Tell us about your career goals. What plans are you making for continuing your education beyond the high school level and what is your time schedule for doing so? (i.e. college, business school, vocational school, etc.) (required):

Question 2: We are well aware of the demands on your “time” required by the
care, training and showing of your horse. Have you been able to
participate in other sports or extra-curricular activities at school,
church or in your community? Are you gainfully employed anywhere?
Perhaps you work at the barn to help pay for lessons, board and
show expenses. Please tell us your story. (required):

Question 3: Describe a situation in which you exercised leadership, responsibility and/or judgment indicating its impact on your personal development.

Question 4: This scholarship may partially be based on need. Please write a paragraph about how the scholarship money would be helpful to you and your family.

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