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Any affiliated show wishing to include the NEHC qualifying class in its prize list must send a fee of $5 per entry to the New England Horsemen’s Council, Inc. with horse show results. If there are not a minimum number of required riders in either or both the Junior or Adult Medal qualifying classes, they can be combined to meet the rider minimum. Hunter Seat Medal riders would need to show at their respective heights and Junior Hunter Seat Medal riders would still need a win or two second's to qualify. Point system for Adult Hunter Seat, would stay the same.
NEHC MEDAL CLASSES - Contestants are required to be Current Members of the New England Horsemen’s Council, Inc., show proof of membership (current membership card, life membership list, temporary membership card) or fill out an affidavit. If not done and an entry is not a member the Show Management will be fined $25 for 1st Horse Show, $50 for each additional Horse Show. Note: If you do not have your NEHC Membership card (or copy) at a show, you must file an affidavit at the show office for a refundable $25 fee. The Administration Office will return the fee when your membership is verified.
To All Shows Running the NEHC Hunt Seat Medals
Qualifying for the Hunt Seat Medal for the current year ends at midnight on the first Sunday of October.. A multiple day show (a show consisting of more than one day) may offer two Adult and two Junior Medal qualifying classes. If entries warrant- minimum of 16, management must split the class into two sections.  For every eight entries, after 16 entries, management must continue to split into additional sections.  i.e. 24 entries would be split into 3 sections.  32 entries into 4 sections, 40 entries into 5 sections and so on. If there are not 3 riders of either or both the Junior or Adult Hunt Seat Medal qualifying class, they can be combined to meet the 3 rider minimum.  Riders would show at their respective heights.  Junior riders would need a win or two seconds to qualify and Adults need 10 points (10, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/2) to qualify.
NEHC will supply show management with postcards to be given to the winners of the class. The winner can then choose to mail the postcard to the office and the administrator will send a medal to the winner Note: Medals have to be requested by the winner or they will not be sent out. Alternative: If you as a show manager would like to give out Medals at your show, the NEHC office will be happy to mail your medals. Please email cindy@nehc.info and let her know the show name and how many medals you would like to receive to hand out at the show to the Medal winners.
All affiliated NEHC horse shows MUST hold appropriate medal classes such as: H/J/Eq shows must hold Hunt Seat Medal classes. Any Open, Pleasure or Breed shows must hold the Saddle Seat, Western Seat, Hunt Seat Pleasure Eq and Hunt/Western Walk Trot Medal classes.
Where to Qualify

For an up-to-date list, please visit the New England Horsemen's Council website


Contact Cindy at cindy@nehc.info