To create the special video presentation for this year’s Juniors WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The video, featured Friday evening, is a compilation of photos that showcase the evolution of each of our graduating Junior riders…it’s a treasure trove of memories for all to share.

For directions on how to submit a video for the Junior video, please see our Junior Video Submissions page and our Yearbook Submission page

Please send 4 photos of yourself as you have grown through the years (baby photo, riding photo etc.) for the annual video show.

Please send all photos and videos by August 10th.


    If you are a junior in your last year, please submit a video interview by August 17, 2021.


    If you are a junior in your last year, please make sure your name is on this list.


    Friday. October 22, 2021 at 5:30 pm Awards will start approximately 6:15 pm, followed by the junior video and Horsemanship Test results.


    The Coliseum


    Awards as well as the results from the horsemanship exam will be announced. Directly after the awards, the Junior Video will be shown.

    Party Ticket Form

    Please mail or email your ticket forms by October 1, 2021.