Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I park my trailer?

A trailer parking map is provided at arrival. Pick up passes in the show office to avoid paying to park.

How do I find out where my stall is?

Stall locations are posted on StableMaster ( A map is also located in the stabling office next to the show office. For further questions call Tom Carlson at 860-595-9689 or Patti Harnois at 561-758-5362.

How do I order hay and shavings?

Feed and bedding can be ordered through StableMaster ( or using this form

When is the Coliseum available to school?

There is a ticketed warm-up on Tuesday from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. Sign up at the In Gate at 6:45 am. Purchase tickets in the show office for $30 each.

Also junior showing riders will be allowed one 70-second jumping warm-up in the Coliseum on Thursday evening when the adults are done showing. Riders will have one time slot only (only one rider will jump at a time). Sign up beginning at noon on Thursday by the show office.

When is the outdoor ticketed warm-up?

Tuesday through Sunday. Tuesday 7:30 am - approximately 4:00 pm. Wednesday - Sunday it will be open ONE hour before judging starts. Riders will get 5 minutes each, 2 to 3 at a time. Last number is at approximately 5:00 pm. Time is at the discretion of the Committee. Purchase tickets in the show office for $30 each.

What are the lunging rules?

Lunging rules are posted outside of each ring. Riding or lunging may not occur in a riding or lunging area that his been closed for use. Lunging is not permitted in the same area in which horses are being ridden; riding is not permitted in the same area in which horses are being lunged.

When and where is the horsemanship exam?

Friday in the Coliseum. Riders can take the test between 10:30 am – 3:00 pm. Sign up for Class 13 through Show Management System, on the entry blank, or in the show office.

When will the Challenge of the States teams post?

Friday afternoon on our website and social media.

Where are the vendors and silent auction?

They are located in the heated room behind the arena on the right hand side.

What and where is the junior party?

This year's NEEC Junior Celebration recognizing our junior riders in their last year will be held on Friday, October 18th at the Marriott Springfield Downtown at 5:30pm. During the party various awards will be given, the results of the horsemanship exam as well as practicum times will be announced, and junior riders will have the opportunity to vote for who will be the recipient of this year's Junior Sportsmanship Award. A video in honor of the junior riders in their last year will be shown at the end of the evening.